2x4 Construction Rainscreen Insulation

Vertibreak® 4

  • Reduce your installation cost
  • Speed up your installation time
  • Meet rainscreen & insulation codes in one step!

Installation Guidelines

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Rainscreen & Insulation Installation in One

V4 was designed to be used in 2x4 construction only and meet R18 (effective) in a typical wall system. Why 2x4 construction only? Because 2x6 walls are thicker, there‚Äôs more wood, and thicker insulation helps keep your thicker wall system warm and helps it to dry out in the event of a leak in your structure. While V4 is designed for 2x4 walls, V6 is designed for 2x6 construction. Learn more about Vertibreak® for 2x6 walls.

R6.02, RSI 1.06 (1 3/4")
Rainscreeen & Wall Insulation Supplies
Installation of Vertibreak Insulation
Vertibreak Wall Insulation Installed
Vertibreak 4-S, 6-S, and VC-S work for stucco and lightweight thin veneer stone applications providing a sacrificial layer to protect the drainage cavities from filling with stucco or mortar.
Perfect for Vancouver's 'rainforest' climate.

Modelled by Vancouver-based Building Envelope Engineering firm to allow for drying in the unfortunate event of a leak even in the 'rainforest' climate of Vancouver, BC Canada

How else can Vertibreak® help your project?
  • Long Term Successful Cladding Attachment with most common claddings Confirmed in 3rd Party Deflection testing.
  • Use of exterior insulation can move the dew point resulting in less condensation, mould & rot.
  • Veritbreak 4 & 6 are 'semi-vapour open'(semi-permeable) so that potential moisture vapour has some ability to escape from walls.
  • Not as susceptible to shrinking, warping, cupping and other wood furring issues which may cause uneven or wavy siding
  • Creates a more robust air barrier when used in conjunction with a taped housewrap system.
  • Individual drainage channels may aid 'compartmentalization' for pressure equalization resulting in less moisture transfer across drainage cavity.
  • Limits the ability for 'ballooning' of housewrap which may otherwise cause tears or air barrier failure.
Meet rainscreen & insulation codes in one step!

Exceeds National Building Code of Canada and BC Building Code capillary break / rainscreen requirements.

Meets the NRC's "Tables for Calculating Effective Thermal Resistance of Opaque Assemblies"

Meets Table of National Building code as a suitable backing for cladding.

Three building code-exceeding products