2x4 & 2x6 Rainscreen Wall Instulation

Vertibreak® 6

  • Speed up your installation time
  • Meet rainscreen & insulation codes in one step!
  • Reduce your installation cost

Installation Guidelines

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Rainscreen & Insulation Installation in One

V6 was designed to be used in 2x4 or 2x6 construction and meets R23 to R25 (effective) in a typical 2x6 wall system (Step Code 1-3+) and it also meets R18 to R19 (effective) in a typical 2x4 wall system.

R6.75, RSI 1.19 ( 1 15/16")
Vertibreak 6 Wall Insulation Installation
Vertirbreak Energy Efficient Wall Insulation
Vertibreak Rainscreen & Insulation In One
Vertibreak® is Intertek Tested for Canadian National Building Code Compliance.
Perfect for Vancouver's 'rainforest' climate.

Modelled by Vancouver-based Building Envelope Engineering firm to allow for drying in the unfortunate event of a leak even in the 'rainforest' climate of Vancouver, BC Canada

How else can Vertibreak® help your project?
  • Long Term Successful Cladding Attachment with most common claddings Confirmed in 3rd Party Deflection testing.
  • Use of exterior insulation can move the dew point resulting in less condensation, mould & rot.
  • Veritbreak 4 & 6 are 'semi-vapour open'(semi-permeable) so that potential moisture vapour has some ability to escape from walls.
  • Not as susceptible to shrinking, warping, cupping and other wood furring issues which may cause uneven or wavy siding
  • Creates a more robust air barrier when used in conjunction with a taped housewrap system.
  • Individual drainage channels may aid 'compartmentalization' for pressure equalization resulting in less moisture transfer across drainage cavity.
  • Limits the ability for 'ballooning' of housewrap which may otherwise cause tears or air barrier failure.
Meet rainscreen & insulation codes in one step!

Exceeds National Building Code of Canada and BC Building Code capillary break / rainscreen requirements.

Meets the NRC's "Tables for Calculating Effective Thermal Resistance of Opaque Assemblies"

Meets Table of National Building code as a suitable backing for cladding.

Three building code-exceeding products